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Deviqon Labs

Deviqon Labs is a software services company headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We stand out through the quality of the software we deliver, the dedication shown while crafting it and our deep rooted respect for our clients. Our approach to software engineering combines strong technical know-how, Agile delivery methods and a blend of code quality practices and metrics. Our innate communication skills, cultural affinity and the passion of our people, enable us to deliver real value for our customers.

Deviqon Labs was established in 2019, when a handful of software engineers working together aimed at setting up a business in new emerging fields. We believe that the future will be shaped by technologies like video streaming, IoT, automation, robotics and AI. This makes our mission clear, which is to become a truly global and fully integrated services provider for IT related needs in those fields.

We are accountable

which means being committed to delivering what is agreed, taking ownership, assuming responsibility and doing honest work for the client

We are respectful

by this we understand setting an environment of trust and openness, being authentic, honest with ourselves and with everyone else and appreciating the dignity and potential of every individual

Learning & quality

are values that drive us to pursue depth of knowledge, effectiveness and continuous improvement, both personally and professionally