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Your business demands a personalized solution, so we will work together as a team in order to find the best technologies to tackle even the most difficult challenges.

Software design is the process of setting a foundation for constructing your software's code structure.

DevOps describes a culture and set of processes that bring development and operations teams together to complete and continuously improve the software development cycle.

We’ll help you automate responses to standard technical issues and improve agent efficiency so you can scale your technical support services.

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Engagement Models

Read about our engagement models based on effort and team organization

Project outsourcing

This model is recommended when the need is to execute and deliver a custom software development project, either in a time and materials collaboration or for a fixed price.

Fixed cost

This model needs detailed requirements specification before work on the project starts.

Time and material

This model is employed when the total effort cannot be estimated in advance and the scope of the work can be changed during the development process.

Team extension

Recommended for long term engagements, this model implies that we build teams fully dedicated to the client’s projects

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Case Studies

Selected case studies to showcase our services

OEM Partner facing portal used by our client to handle license generation and download, invoicing and other license operations

Application designed to offer a proxy solution for various CMS and/or Service Platforms

Server application designed to offer a quick, configurable and reliable access to different kind of DRM providers

Doing kernel backports for capture card integrations on linux on an all-in-one modular software based TV gateway

ROI tools that will help identify and quantify hard dollar benefits of digital transformation initiative within the IT department in different areas.

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