In a strategic partnership, Deviqon Labs and KlimIT join forces to empower businesses. Deviqon Labs, a respected provider of custom software, engineering and design, and KlimIT, a consultancy firm specializing in Agile Transformations and Technical Project Management, have joined forces to provide a wider range of services to their customers. This collaboration brings together Deviqon Labs's proven technology solutions with KlimIT's established consulting experience, creating a one-stop shop for businesses seeking to maximize operational efficiency. We streamline processes, optimize workflows, and enhance productivity through a harmonious blend of innovative software and strategic consulting. []

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Together we excel in navigating Agile Transformations where a company needs a professional to teach teams how to adopt to a specific framework. Our well-established track record attests to our proficiency in guiding organizations through intricate transformations, refining development processes, and elevating teams to peak efficiency. We stand out in providing astute Interim Management solutions for seamless business operations. Additionally, our expertise extends to Technical Project Management (TPM) and Pre-Sales within the Video Domain, ensuring the flawless execution of technical projects and furnishing essential support for success.

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