When we talk about DevOps, we talk about a continuous improvement to the software development cycle.

We talk about the Deviqon dev and operator teams brought together to expand upon traditional software development methods so that the best solution can be quickly found for you.

We have experienced it in many of our projects and we found that DevOps allows businesses to create and extend products at a much faster pace than by resorting to traditional software development approaches. Using this method will help improve any team's overall efficiency, will net you faster feedback loops, and most importantly, it will instantly cut costs. How so? you may ask.

It’s an efficient mix of 4 solid elements.

Higher productivity and innovation

DevOps improves your software delivery cycles through faster and frequent releases and thus improving the innovation capacity of the development team. We can automate almost all of the usually extremely time-consuming operations your project requires, thus increasing the market delivery speed.


Automation doesn't shine only when it comes to productivity. By creating automated delivery environments for your projects, delivery cycles get much shorter. This allows for a better view of any code defects thus increasing overall product reliability. Even if the Deviqon support team can always fix bugs after a product's launch, we prefer to be reliable and deliver perfected software products since day 1.



A key factor in successfully launching a new product while staying on top of your competition is being able to generate faster and more frequent releases. Our DevOps engineers ensure applications are ready for the market much faster and we consider this to be crucial in order to benefit from the possibility to invest time in innovation and user experience. 

Cost effectiveness

We all like to win, but being in a win-win situation is much more satisfying: DevOps helps companies and teams increase productivity while also reducing costs. By automating most processes and reacting fast to market changes, our DevOps teams help reduce human resources needs and greatly improves the time required for releasing or extending a product. We eliminate code errors on-the-go so that you have time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

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